"silken finesse and gritty vibrancy"
        -Gramophone Magazine

"performances are exceptional"
        -American Record Guide

"beauty of tone is heard once more to good effect here"
        -Fanfare Magazine

"playing with style and sophistication" "effortlessly delightful" "beautifully phrased and well paced" "sound is full and clear" "Serafin Quartet conveys its drama and sometimes almost orchestral-sounding textures with passion and elegance" "lilting and swinging, with a fine feel for the gently syncopated dance rhythms pulsing beneath"
        -The Strad Magazine

"an outstanding release and one worth adding to your Higdon collection" "a set of exceptional performances filled with moments of crude primitivism and delicate lyricism"
        -Fanfare Magazine

"quality of the ensemble playing and the dedication to detail that sets this recording above many others" "they combine true rhythmic precision, beautiful intonation, and beautiful articulation with an excellent sense of balance and deeply satisfying musical phrasing" "instruments blend beautifully"
        -American Record Guide

"What performances - just stunning!" "The pieces sound even better than they did in my head! Bravo to Serafin!"
        - Pulitzer Prize and Grammy award-winning composer Jennifer Higdon

"excellent music making…uncommonly fine interpretation" "ensemble and intonation ... above reproach" "suave and stylish" "a shapely, finely conceived account" "rhythmic vitality and taut ensemble"
        -New York Concert Review

"spot-on intonation, attention to rhythmic detail, superb sense of phrasing, and rich ensemble sound"
        -Classical Releases of Current Key Significance (CROCKS) Newsletter

"Gershwin's Lullaby for String Quartet is lovely"
        -WRUV 90.1 FM, Burlington, Vermont

"lively and infectious performance" "pleasing melodiousness and lightness of touch"
        -Robert Hugill – Classical Music Blog

"irresistible musical experience" "stylishness and technical proficiency"
        -Audio Club of Atlanta

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